Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 22: San Pedro de Rozados to Salamanca (24.3km on 5/10/17)

We were anxious to reach Salamanca before significant rain (as per forecast) so had bananas and yoghurt breakfast in our room and were on the road by 6:10am.  Walked through a village after an hour but bars were closed so could not get coffee.  Continued on mostly smooth gravel/dirt tracks and after another two hours a light drizzle commenced.  Just enough to require raingear.  It stopped raining so we took a break and had cookies, chocolate and finished our cheese and continued on.  We reached Salamanca just before noon after 24.3km so made very good time.  Had cafe con leche and settled in to our room at Hotel Los Angeles - overlooking Plaza Mayor, Salamanca’s central square.  Had a nice menu del dia at Tapas Bar & Restaurante Bambu.  Then siesta and afterwards shopped a bit.  I bought a new pair of shoes and hope they break in easily and work out well.  My original shoes are pretty well worn out.  Dinner was at two nearby tapas bars.  Better and cheaper than our experience in Madrid.  

Sunrise with reflection in a farm pond

Looking back at village in the morning sun

Typical path and view for the morning

Finally see Salamanca in the distance

Roman bridge leading into the old part of Salamanca.  We walked 24km (15 miles) before noon

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