Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 15: Canaveral to Galisteo (28km on 5/03/17)

We decided to skip the Albergue’s breakfast as it was later than we wanted - had instant coffee, yoghurt and bananas for breakfast and were on the road by 6:30am.  The route was easy to follow even that early and passed over a ridgeline and descended to a very different type of terrain.  Scattered oak trees (some were cork oak) and grasslands with cattle.  The land was not as “desolate” as yesterday.  We crossed another watershed and as we descended we could see the medieval walled city of Galisteo in the distance.  Unfortunately, we could not reserve a room or bed in the city center so stayed at Hotel Medina Ghaliayah on the outskirts, a kilometeror so from the albergue.  After cleaning up and resting we returned to the village and wandered around the walled area - had a nice bottle of wine at Plaza de Espana.  As we left that area, we climbed up to the city wall and walked along.  The descent on a narrow stone staircase with no railing was a bit difficult. 

Stone fountain on the outskirts of Canaveral

Looking back towards Canaveral pre-sunrise.

Glenn on first uphill of the day - before sunrise

Walking through the cork oak forest in early morning

Pathway and terrain

Sitting on a granit waymark.  These granite cubes make nice resting places.  Not too many benches along the way.

Landscape view

Galisteo in the distance

Inside the city wall

Galisteo city wall

The city walls - encircling the old section of Galisteo

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