Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 37: Campobecerros to Albergueria (27.4km on 5/25/17)

We had breakfast of yoghurt, fruit and cookies on the patio behind our albergue and left at 6am.  Even though before sunrise, we only needed our headlamps for a few hundred yards.  We climbed on a one lane gravel road for about one hour and then descended for nearly three hours.  There were no bars along the way but when we passed through the small village of “As Esira” we found that a resident had left coffee and snacks in front of their house, asking only for a donation to allow them to continue this service - what a treat since our earlier breakfast did not include coffee.  After the descent, at the 15km point of our day, we entered the medium sized village of Laza.  There we found a nice restaurant where we sat outside and enjoyed huevos con jamon and cafe con leche.  As we finished we began to hear rumbling of thunder and noticed dark clouds.  The rest of the day was 12km so we hurried along.  The final two hours was spent climbing in the rain on a gravel track.  Fortunately not too heavy of a rain.  We entered the village of Albergueria and found our Albergue - Rincon del Peregrinos.  It’s one of the more places we’ve stayed in.  The albergue is in an old house and across from a bar owned by the same man.  The village is full of old stone buildings - most of them not occupied.  The rain stopped shortly after our arrival and we enjoyed sitting outside in the street, eating empanada and drinking beer.  Dinner was in the bar.  

View looking down the street as we left Campobecerros at around 6am

Looking west as we climbed on a gravel track

Small village and view of the valley below

As we descended on a gravel track we walked through forests - a change from the highlands we left

We passed through a small village of "As Eiras" and found that a resident had left coffee and snacks in front of their house for a small donation.  Very welcome since we had not had coffee in our albergue 

Nice roses in the same village

In Laza we had "second breakfast" of jamon con huevos.  Yummy!  Just right to prepare us for the big climb ahead.

A signpost in front of an albergue

Typical route for the 12km from Laza to Albergueria.

We had a big climb (400m over 9km) in the rain.  Here we are following a goatherd with his flock.

We stayed in Albergue Riconcon del Peregrino in the village of Albergueria - only 140km to Santiago!

Front of the albergue

Another view of the albergue

Inside the bar - walls and rafters covered with scallop shells autographed by pilgrims

House in the village - probably unoccupied

House in the village - probably unoccupied

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