Sunday, April 30, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 13: Valdesalor to Casar de Caceres (24.9km on 5/01/17)

We had coffee and biscuits in the albergue and were walking by 6am.  It was probably ~37 degrees, crisp and clear.  We walked mostly on a gravel or dirt track and away from farmlands the 12km to Caceres where we had a nice “second breakfast near the medieval section of the city.  It’s a UNESCO heritage site dating back ~500 years.  We passed through the old city then onwards on the camino route.  After we left the city we walked on the shoulder of the highway for 3 or 4 kilometers, probably missed the correct route as no one else seemed to be walking this way.  We then walked parallel to the highway on a nice track the rest of the way to Casar de Caceres where we checked into the municipal albergue - only 5 euros per night and not too bad.  We had a late and big lunch so decided to skip dinner.  

Crisp and clear morning pre-sunrise

View to the east - sunrise in 20 minutes

View west pre-sunrise

Looking towards Caceres

In Caceres - at least 15 stork nests and that many storks on an old church

Casar de Caceres in the distance.  Not very hot but  last 10km with no shade or places to rest.

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