Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 2: Guillena to Castilblanco de los Arroyos (20.1km on 4/20/17)

Last night our room had three bunks, six pilgrims and almost no ventilation.  Slept a bit and sweated a bit.  Morning we got up early, had a quick cup of instant coffee and toast and were on the road before 7am.  Going to be another short day (~20km) and we have a room booked so that removes a serious concern.  Temperatures were considerable cooler than yesterday so that was another big relief!  The first few kilometers were along a road with a narrow shoulder but traffic was not too bad.  We left the road and followed a dirt road or narrow track and enjoyed the sunrise.  Some of the track was rutted and rocky but not too bad.  Terrain climbed gently through the day and passed through lots of olive trees and oak covered fields.  There was more shade than yesterday but no places to stop for coffee or refreshments.  We arrive at Castilblanco de los Arroyos before noon and checked into our rooms at Hospederia La Abuela Lola - a bar/restaurant with rooms upstairs.  It’s a nice double room with private bath so that’s an early treat in contrast with the albergues.  We explored the town, picked up groceries - tomorrow will be a long day (30km or nearly 19 miles) with no facilities along the way so we will carry all food and water for the day.  Lunch was at a decent tapas bar and then back to hostal.  Dinner in the restaurant where we are staying and quite tasty.

Early morning - near sunrise and cool and breezy.

Cacti in foreground, olive groves in background at sunrise.

Glenn and cacti along the trail

Hard to tell but these are fields of sunflowers.  Bet this will be beautiful later in the summer.

Oak trees and gravel track.

Wildflowers along the trail

Gulp!  We've walked nearly two days and still have 927km to go!

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