Friday, April 28, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 11: Aljucen to Alcuescar (19.8km on 4/29/17)

Up before 6am and you could hear the raindrops on the roof over the porch.  We had a nice breakfast at the Albergue and were on the road before 7am.  One couple left before us but it looked like everyone else wanted to wait out the rain.  It is a short day of ~20km but it wasn’t raining too hard.  Pretty dark as the rain diminished the early morning light. After a bit on the highway we walked on a gravel/dirt track the rest of the day.  Since it had rained yesterday and in the night the road was often soft and muddy in places but overall not too bad.  We walked mostly through areas of grass and oak trees and it was quite pretty but would have been better without rain.  The rain dimished after an our or two and was mostly mist after that.  For awhile it stopped and the rain resumed for the last hour or so.  As we neared Alcuescar we walked through small vineyards and olive groves.  Just outside town there was confusing markings as a local innkeeper probably wanted to divert traffic to his place.  We followed the markings to Alcuescar and entered the town.  The Albergue de Peregrinos “Casa de la Misericordia” Alcuescar is in a monastery.  It was closed when we arrived so we had lunch at a nearby bar and returned to check in shortly after noon.  There were plenty of bunks and Glenn and I got bottom bunks - hurray.  The whole complex is locked down from 2:30 - 4:30 for siesta so we quickly got some shopping done in the town and then returned before we got locked out.  There will be a tour of the monastery at 6:30 then mass and then dinner at 8:00pm.  Tomorrow morning we cannot leave before 6:30am and everyone must be gone by 7:30.  Sort of interesting. 

Rain in the morning. 

Nice walking but a bit "squishy" in places on the road

Different country side than before.  Scattered oak trees, lots of exposed stone and meadows.

Our albergue - in a monastery

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