Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Via de la Plata - Day 8: Villafranca de los Barros to Torremejia (27.8km on 4/26/17)

Breakfast in Albergue at 6:30am and was on the trail before 7am.  Another grand sunrise from the road after 2km or so.  Today was “boring” and without much variation.  Gravel track in a fairly straight line.  The main difference was the predominance of viticulture over the olive groves and that the fields of grapevines were immense!  Spots to sit and relax were few and far between.  We had some chocolate mid morning and stopped for lunch (baguette with chorizo and cheese).  We arrive at Torremejia, a fairly sleepy small town and checked into our Hostal Milenium (booked yesterday online), cleaned up and had a nice cold beer.  Our Hostal has a bar and restaurant but does not serve dinner until 9PM!! Beers are 1.5 euros for half-liter and a large glass of red wine was only a euro so we enjoyed the bar.  Fortunately the place across the street starts dinner at 7PM.  It’s hard to dine on Spanish time when walking all day.  Life is tough.

Communal breakfast in the Albergue

Sunrise over the vineyards

Sunrise continues a few moments later

Fellow pilgrim along the road.

Vineyards as far as one can see - on both sides of the road for miles.

Road continues through vineyards

As we near our destination of Torremejia

Sleeply little town - main street reminds me of eastern Washington or Oregon

Group having dinner

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