Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 7 (9/29) - Arres to Ruesta (27.5km)

Breakfast was 7am and they played religious music to wake us. We headed out around 8am and it was a nice morning for walking. We did have our rain gear on for awhile but it didn't amount to anything. Most of the day was spent walking on a gravel track (farm road) and reasonably level ground. There were no places to get supplies or eat so we sheltered under a footbridge while it was raining lightly and had a simple lunch. There was no place to get water but it was cool and we were okay even though we finished our water about 5km from the end. Between yesterday and today we've walked 54km so that is catching up with us a bit. The last bit of the walk was along a reservoir of the Aragon river. When it was filled, it displaced people from several villages. Ruesta was abandoned in the 1950's and is now in ruins except for a few buildings. The albergue is pretty much the only thing in use here and it seems okay. Most importantly, it has a bar so we got our usual cerveza con limone (grande size today!). It had a pilgrims' hostel in 1087! There were 10 pilgrims in our Albergue so much lighter "traffic" we would see in the more heavily travelled route.

Morning view of the countryside.

Goats among the sheep - very impressive beard on the billy.

Typical pathway.

Always a welcome sign at the end of the day!

Ruesta was abandoned years ago and is mostly in ruins -- other than the building where we stayed.

Location:Ruesta, Spain

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