Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 34 (10/26) - O'Cebreiro to Triacastela (21.5km)

Daylight savings time ended last night so we got a bit more sleep and left a bit after sunrise because we wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery as we left town. The pathway follows the ridge line for several kilometers and then gradually descended with ups and downs and finally after 12km or so descending fairly steeply. However, it was still a much more pleasant downhill than after cruz de ferro. Weather was clear but not hot so we really enjoyed the day. Also nice that there were plenty of places to stop for snacks or coffee. Lunch was at a place we stopped last year and we had really great version of Caldo de Gallego there. Finally reaching the village of Triacastelo and we found a simple, older alberuge (Berce do Camino) and have a twin room with shared bath for 8 euro each and the lady did our laundry for 7 euros. It even had free access to a computer with printer so we were able to print our Ryan Air boarding passes. Then, went up the street and had a pitcher of sangria, bowl of olives, and plate of pemientos de padrone (fried sweet green peppers) while we worked on our journals and back to the room for a rest. At dinner we sat with a familiar group of pilgrims. I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and prawns for an "opener" and braised veal tongue with fries for my entree and ice cream for dessert.

Sunrise looking over yesterday"s trek.

Although today was largely downhill, we still had some steep bits. This looks back over typical scenery.

Wonderful bowl of peasant soup, Caldo de Gallego. Made with white beans, diced potato, collard greens, cabbage, carrots and probably a bit of pork bone for flavor.

Bucolic scene and typical Galician views.

The camino passes right down the main street of Triacastela and the tables of the restaurant where we had sangria and snacks and later dinner. It's nice to eat outside even in late October! For dinner, we ate inside.

Hungry pilgrims!

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms and shrimp.

Braised veal tongue.

Location:Triacastela, Spain

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