Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 14 (10/6) - Los Arcos to Viana (19.0km)

Had coffee and pastry in the albergue kitchen and got a fairly late start (8:30am) and walked through countryside (fields, vineyards and olive groves). Stopped in Torres del Rio for a snack and then the next 10km was without anything until we arrived in Viana around 2pm. Light lunch with nice red wine and wandered around town looking for a few odds and ends. We are saying in Pension San Pedro and have a nice room with a balcony overlooking the street. The restaurant next door is supposed to be nice and opens at 6pm but it seems to be closed today so we must dine elsewhere. The church near the main square is from the 13th century and near the front door is the tomb of Cesare Borgia. He was the son of Pope Alexander VI - now, that's an interesting story! Appointed a cardinal at age 18 by his father but left the order to do other things and died fighting near here in Spain in 1507. We had a nice pilgrim menu dinner in a nearby restaurant and enjoyed a visit with an older could (73 & 75 years old!) who are also doing the camino.

Stopped for snack in Torres del Rio.

12th century church associated with Templars.

Olive trees are all loaded with fruit. Fascinating to me and I wonder when/how they are harvested.

Pathways like this and on gravel tracks.

Typical signposts. We are so pleased to have clear and simple waymarks.

Central square in Viana. We have enjoyed seeing this Hungarian couple almost every day. Probably will not see them after today.

Tomb of Cesare Borgia is in front of the central church. He was Italian and the son of Pope Alexander VI -- "interesting" story there. After his dad died, he was banished and ended up dying in battle near here.

Street scene in Viana and fairly typical for medium sized villages.

Location:Viana, Spain

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