Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 13 (10/5) - Estella to Los Arcos (22.7km / 277.3km)

Breakfast in our Albergue was at 6:30am so that ensured an early start. Sunrise was pretty and the way out of town easy to follow. After a few kilometers we passed the Irache winery's "fountain" - one spigot is water and the other is wine! Not exactly fine wine but how many times can one get free wine from a drinking fountain. We stopped for second breakfast after 7km and then a snack at Villamayor de Monjardin (we stayed there last year). After that it was a 12km walk without villages. Cindy's feet slowed her down, especially the last 10km. Arrived in Los Arcos and checked in to the "Austrian Albergue" where we stayed last year and are in a room for 5 but with only three people. Enjoyed a snack and jug of sangria in the square in front of the church, then visited the church and wandered around then back to the square for dinner.

Nice house with peppers drying from the balcony

At the fountain - wine spigot on left and water spigot on the right.

Typical morning pathway

Vineyards in foreground,village where we stayed last year in background and castle ruins on hilltop. Villamayor de Monjardin.

Our albergue in Los Arcos is run by a group from Austria.

City square where we had a snack and then dinner.

Church on the city square. Beautiful evening!

Location:Los Arcos, Spain

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