Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 11 (10/3) - Tiebas to Puente la Reina (17.8km)

Had coffee and pastry in our Albergue and headed out before 8am. The first section of the walk was on a gravel track that paralleled a busy freeway so that was a bit of a shock after our previous 10 days out in the country. However, after 4km we headed off on comfortable tracks and trails through the farm fields and several small villages. After - 12km or so we reached the church at Eunate and rejoined the main Camino Frances route and began walking on familiar trails from last year. Unlike last year, the 12th century octagonal shaped church was open so we could go inside. It is interesting that they still don't know much about who built this or exactly how it was used in early years. Then we walked through Obanos and stopped at Hotel/Albergue Jakue where we got a double room with private bath. We are still in the pilgrim albergue (rather than upstairs in the hotel) but for a bit extra we got the private room and bath. After a nice shower we walked the town and had a glass of sangria and snacks.

Gravel track parallel to freeway - a bit noisy!

13.3km to the end of the day and the first big section of "Camino 2014"

Olive trees along the trail.

"Second breakfast" - a stuffed tortilla Espana and coffee.

The church 11th century church at Eunate is where we rejoined last year's camino path.

Old church in Puente la Reina

Large numbers of pilgrims enjoying the end of the day at our Albergue's bar.

Location:Puenta la Reina, Spain

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