Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 10 (10/2) - Izco to Tiebas (23.4km)

Everyone got up at 7am and that made it easy since otherwise one worries about disturbing others when you get up. We "cooked" breakfast in the Albergue -- coffee, pastries and yoghurt and then hit the trail a bit before 8am. It was nice to walk in the early morning and watch the sun come up over the hills. The trail was a concrete farm road for the first 10km and we had "second breakfast" at Monreal. After that we were on dirt or gravel tracks and then a trail along the hillside with nice views of the valley and the Navarra canal running parallel to our trail. We passed through 4 or 5 small villages separated only by a few kilometers each and reached Tiebas at 3pm and checked in to the local Albergue. Showers were great and they have self service laundry (wash, dry and soap included) for only 3 euros. Quite a treat since it has been two weeks since we last did laundry in a washing machine. Every day we hand wash things but they never feel totally clean. The town has a bar where we had our usual end-of-hike drink. Went back later and had dinner - was nothing special.

Slept in room with 4 bunks - this albergue only has capacity for 8 pilgrims.

Early morning view towards the sunrise.

10km of pleasant walking on concrete track.

"Second Breakfast" in Monreal.

Rest of day was walking on gravel track (above) or hillside pathway (below:.

From the hillside we get views of Pamplona -- we walked through there last year and will rejoin that path tomorrow about 20km west of the city.

Casstle ruins in our destination village of Tiebas.

Our albergue - note the bilingual signage "albergue / aterpetxea" in Spanish and Basque.

Location:Tiebas, Spain

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