Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 37 (10/29) - Mercadoiro to Eirexe (22.3km)

We think there were only 5 or 6 pilgrims in our albergue and we were the only ones in our room of 3 bunk beds. The bar opened at 8am for breakfast so it was a leisurely morning. After 4km we passed by Portomarin where we stayed last year and continued another 8km before stopping for second breakfast, or was it first lunch? Then we continued on and had a bowl of soup. The countryside was nice and the pathway was quiet. We stopped in Eirexe, a small village, and are staying at a combination Pension/Albergue in a room that has two bunks and its own bath. We hope again that there will be nobody else in the room. Dinner was at the bar across the road from our albergue and another fairly typical "pilgrim menu". Nobody else had checked in so we had a "private room".

The 3' thick stone walls in the place we stayed last night.

Morning in Galicia, walking along stone-wall lined country lanes.

Portomarin, the small town where we stayed about this time last year.
The mileposts keep counting down! :)

Hamberguesas were for lunch. Not bad and the first we've sampled in Spain.

Mileposts keep counting down the distance to Santiago!

Our small pension / albergue in Eirexe. We ended up being the only pilgrims in a room with two bunks and bath.

Italian pilgrims - the dog (Zoe, a 9 month old "puppy") belongs to Danielle, at right. We enjoy our post walk relaxation with a few glasses of wine and fellow pilgrims.

Location:Melide, Spain

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