Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 28 (10/20) - Villares de Orbigo to Murias de Rechivaldo (19.2km)

Breakfast in the albergue and we started a bit later than usual - after sunrise. The skies were clear and the morning walk was nice. The landscape changed from meseta to the foothills and we stopped in Astorga for really upscale but inexpensive tapas in a bar on the square - two glasses of wine and 4 tapas for 8 euros. We stayed in Astorga last year but continued on another 5km and are staying in Albergue Las Aguedas. After our shower we enjoyed a nice bottle of Bierzo wine (Mencia grapes) and visiting with a group of pilgrims we have been seeing for the past few days. Another nice communal dinner that was different from the typical pilgrim meal - we had pumpkin soup and then cous cous.

Sunrise looking back to village where we stayed

Pilgrims we have been seeing lately and along statue where we posed last year.

View looking forward to Astorga.

Wonderful tapas at bar on Astorga's main square. Four tapas and two gllasses of wine for $10!

One of the few Gaudi designed buildings outside of Catalonia.

Nice communal dinner in our Albergue.

View from the street looking into our Albergue's courtyard.

Location:Murias de Rechivaldo, Spain

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