Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 8 (9/30) - Ruesta to Sanguesa (23.0km)

A somewhat shorter day but more uphill than yesterday. We climbed about 1200' over the first 6 miles. The morning was foggy and cool so made for nice walking as well as interesting views. When we (finally) reached a plateau the path was and through farm lands and oak. The path today was almost entirely on a gravel track and with no traffic. Stopped at a pretty hilltop village (Undues de Lerda) for lunch and then continued on with terrain fairly flat until reaching Sanguesa. This is a moderate sized town rather than a village wih several 12th century churches. The town has been an important pilgrims stop since early times. We are staying in a Hostal (small hotel) rather than the albergue to "splurge" and reward ourselves for the past few days of hard work. Dinner was the 3 course "menu" in a restaurant one of our fellow pilgrims recommended. So far as we know, we are the only native english speaking pilgrims here and there are perhaps only a dozen total pilgrims.

Looking back towards our starting point - Ruesta.

Pilgrims along the pathway at a route marker.

Lunch time will be at the hilltop village in the distance

Neat old road way. Part of today was along a Roman road.

Marker at the border between Aragon and Navarre.

Front of 12th century church in Sanguesa.

Location:Sanguesa, Spain

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