Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 38 (10/30) - Eirexe to Melide (22.9km)

Now that DST has ended, sunrise is at 8:30 or so. We had breakfast at the nearby bar and started walking at 8am. The walking conditions were nice for the morning and we enjoyed the countryside of Galicia. We stopped several times at small villages for snacks, soup, or cerveza con limon and arrived at our destination of Melide at 3:30pm. After getting settled in to Albergue O'Cruceiro, again in a room with two bunks and hoping to have the room for ourselvers, we headed off to enjoy the "pulpo" (octopus) for which this town is well-known. We had a small plate of octopus, an order of pimientes de padron and a bottle of local white wine. Pretty damn good for a "simple snack"! We relaxed a bit and went to a restaurant we had noticed along the path and that was mentioned online (Casa Alongos) - the did not serve large dishes, more like tapas or racciones, but we had several wonderful plates. The spinach and croquettes were freshly cooked, the roasted vegetables were served with aioli, and we had interesting zucchini packets - thinly sliced zucchini wrapped around a small block of cheese and then seared, and several glasses of an organic red wine (Mencia). The woman who owns the place was very congenial and also a wild mushroom fan so that made for a nice visit. All in all, a very different light dinner compared to typical pilgrim fare of meat and fries. We did indeed have the bunk room to ourselves so went to bed as happy campers!

Interesting sculptures in front of a bar.

Typical walking pathway in the morning.

Village scene and the camino pathway (above) and traditional granary of Galicia (below).

We stopped at interesting albergue/cafe for lunch - delicious soups (garbanzo and potatoes on the left and caldo gallego)

Stop for pulpo (octopus) in Melide and nice bottle of local white wine.

Location:Melide, Spain

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