Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 39 (10/31) - Melide to Arzua (15.6km)

It was an uneventful day; we had the usual breakfast near our albergue and walked along or parallel to the road and through forests. We figure there's about 55km left and wanted to divide so the last day would be the shortest but it turned our difficult to make today around 20km and did not want to walk 26km and end up out in the middle of nowhere with he chance that the albergue could be closed. So it made the most sense to walk 15km today and 20km the next two days. We stopped several places for snacks and ended up in Arzua before 1pm and found the nice small Albergue da Fonte where we have a twin room and shared bath for 10 euros each. Dinner was at Casa Teodora and quite tasty. The menu del dia had three of my favorite pork dishes (cheeks, knuckle and ribs) so it was a tough decision and I chose the pork cheeks.

We enjoy the flocks of chickens and most include a very healthy rooster.

Rolling hills of Galicia.

Down to 40km (25 miles) remaining!

Another neat bridge.

Our resting place, Albergue do Fonte in Arzua

I had pork cheeks for dinner. Really delicious and nice texture. It was tough deciding between this and pork ribs or pork knuckle.

Location:Arzua, Spain

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