Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 40 (11/01) - Arzua to O'Pedrouzo (20.5km)

It was raining fairly hard when we went to bed last night but had stopped by morning. The weather forecast was for a few thunderstorms in the morning but nothing happened. We started walking around sunrise and the valleys were full of fog or mist. Trails and paths were similar to yesterday. We stopped after 6km or so for the usual second breakfast and continued with a few more stops in familiar bars and arrived in O'Pedrouzo around 2pm. Had a bit of trouble finding a spot as the first few albergues that we checked were either closed or did not meet our "standards". The Albergue Porta de Santiago seemed nice and most probably will not fill up so we are now settled in and enjoying a bottle of white wine and pizza. We had soup for dinner since our mid-afternoon snack had filled us up. Our impression of O'Pedrouzo did not improve over last year but there are few other places situated nearby. If we had walked another hour we could only have stayed in a fairly isolated small hotel, but that would have been a better choice. We've done our best to stop in new villages where possible and that has worked very well over the past 40 days.

Lots of nice hydrangeas along the pathway.

Countryside in the misty morning.

Not the usual way-marking but it is that time of year. 32km to go!

Another pretty rooster.

20km to go! I wish the pilgrims were not so interested in graffiti on the mile posts.

Location:O'Pedrouzo, Spain

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