Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 35 (10/27) - Triacastela to San Mamed del Camino (via Samos) (22.6km)

Still a bit confused about how early to start after the end of DST. We did wait until it was fairly light because the first stretch was along a highway. Fortunately, most of that was outside of the "crash barrier" rather than on the shoulder. Then, we walked on a path though forest and along a small stream. Arrived at Samos around 10:30am and had a snack. The monastery at Samos is one of the largest and oldest in Europe and dates back to the 7th century, pre-dating the "discovery" of Saint James burial spot and thus the camino itself. The tour of the monastery was interesting and since the three of us who were there were not Spanish speakers, it was in english. Then, we had a rather long but pretty walk on a woodlands track or small road along a river and through farmlands. Finally, we reconnected to the camino route we followed last year, had a "cerveza con limon" and then continued for a short distance to San Mamed del Camino and Paloma Y Lena. This is a private albergue and we have a private room with one bunk bed and bath for 25 euros. The description says that this is "an oasis" and we certainly agree! Now sitting on the veranda with a pitcher of red wine and enjoying the evening. Dinner was vegetarian and the soup was the best we have had so far - lentil with mushrooms and very nicely spiced. That was followed by quiche, tortilla and salad with fruit and cake for dessert.

Stream and small village.

Beautiful fall colors of the vines on the house next to the pathway

Tree lined path through the forest and along the fields.

Views of the Benedictine abbey at Samos (above and below) - originally founded in the 7th century but buildings are more modern.

Typical path in the afternoon.

Ah yes, the sign we were looking for in later afternoon!

Our albergue for the night. Definitely one of the nicest we've stayed at.

Dinner in a beautiful room with 10 pilgrims.

Location:San Mamed del Camino, Spain

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