Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 19 (10/11) - Burgos to Hornillos del Camino (21.5km)

Left our albergue in a light drizzle and headed out of town. Leaving Burgos is a bit nicer than the way in - a bit shorter and not much of an industrial area. However, it's still quite a ways before one leaves the city behind. There was not much by way of villages and we stopped for second breakfast after 11km and then began our journey through the mesata. This area is a bit reminiscent of the area where Cindy grew up with rolling hills and grain fields along with stony areas not fit for farming. Some hikers find the mesata boring but we think the wider open areas and fewer villages is pleasant. The threat of rain disappeared shortly after noon and the walking weather was comfortably cool and with a nice breeze. Hornillos del Camino is a small village that we stayed in last year. We chose a different, new albergue that houses ~35 people and seems quite nice. We had ensallata mixtas (mixed salad with tuna) and a bottle of white wine for a late lunch and bought groceries so we could cook dinner in our albergue. We had pasta with sauce made from garlic, onion, green olives and fresh tomatoes and tasted pretty good - of course, accompanied by a bottle of Rioja wine.

Not the greatest trail.

Interesting little chapel.

Finally getting into the meseta with Burgos far in the background.

Our destination and typically located in a valley with a steep downhill approach.

Our albergue for tonight. Bunk beds again but all in all a very nice place. Cost was 8 euro (about $10) each.

Location:Hornillos del Camino, Spain

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