Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 33 (10/25) - Trabadelo to O'Cebreiro (19.4km)

Today was the second hardest climb of our whole journey, although not the longest or highest elevation. HOWEVER, last year we did the same route and in steady rain for the entire day whereas today was sunny and fairly cool. We really enjoyed the beautiful day and wonderful scenery. We followed a narrow valley along a quit road or hillside trail for most of the day, passing through several small villages that we did not appreciate (or much notice) last year due to the steady rain. Chestnut trees lined much of the way and people were gathering chestnuts. The last 6 miles was very steep and the final 3 or 4 miles was exposed to the sun so we were definitely tired upon arrival. Staying in the provincial albergue in pretty spartan furnishings and are in a large room with perhaps 24 bunks and there are three rooms. We had cider and worked on our journals, blogs, etc. then a glass of wine with other pilgrims and attended the pilgrims mass. Parts of the church in O'Cebriero date to the ninth century so is one of the oldest on the camino. The parish priest beginning from the mid-1900's is buried in the chapel (he died in 1989) and is quite important for the resurgence of the camino - it was his idea to paint the yellow arrows to mark the way. Dinner was with 5 other pilgrims and a nice "menu" and enjoyed the first bowl of Caldo Gallego (typical Galician soup) for this year. Sleeping in the full dormitory was not so great but we managed.

Walking along a quiet road in the valley floor with the freeway high overhead.

Nice gardens with LOTS of collarard greens.

Walking through quiet villages.

Rocky path in the forest

Higher elevation path with nice views.

We passed into Galicia.

Parts of this church date to ninth century. Romanesque image below.

Simple interior of this old church is quite a contrast to the big cathedrals.

Dinner with fellow pilgrims.

Location:O'Cebriero, Spain

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