Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 22 (10/14) - Boadilla del Camino to Carrion de los Condes (26.0km)

Breakfast was 7am in the albergue but I was up earlier than that checking weather forecasts. Today's looked pretty good but then I looked outside and saw that it was raining (drizzle). Left at 8am and it was still quite dark and dreary but not really raining anymore. Much of the morning was spent walking on a path along the Canal de Castillo, onetime canal for transport and now perhaps used mostly for irrigation. Stopped for second breakfast at Fromista and then onwards. Last year we had stopped at a cafe near the river but it was closed today so had a simple lunch of yoghurt, nuts and chocolate and continued. We had a beer con limon at Villacazar de Sirga after 20km and discussed whether to stop there or continue onwards. Cindy was reluctant but a good sport so went to Carrion de los Condes, a small town (2400 population) where we had stopped last year. Today we checked in to Hostal La Corte where we have a private room so enjoyed comfort of shower, etc. and headed off to re-explore the town. Got a few groceries for lunch tomorrow and enjoyed two glasses of red wine at a small bar. Looked around for a dinner place but the best bet was back at the hostal where we stayed. I had garlic soup and roasted port shank. Yummy.

First part of the day was walking along Canal de Castilla - old canal.

At one time this was a quadruple set of locks - gates have been removed.

Last stretch was path parallel to the highway.

Hostal La Corte - our stop for the night in Carrion de los Condes

My dinner entree - tender and tasty roasted pork shank.

Location:Carrion de los Condes, Spain

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