Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 31 (10/23) - Molinaseca to Cacabelos (24.1km)

Left our hostal, had typical breakfast (cafe Americano, cafe con leche and chocolate croissants) and hit the road. Almost immediately we ran into three friends as they left their albergue and walked most of the day with them, sometimes separating into smaller groups. Today was a very long day of walking timewise (9.5 hours, finishing around 5:30pm as we stopped several times and then kept visiting with other pilgrims that we knew. Distance wise, not too long though. We had a nice stop at the Bierzo wine coop just beyond Camponaraya. The usual taste of the house wine (taken from the metal pipes) is 1.5euro and includes a piece of empanada for a snack. However, since there were 4 of us at that point, we bought a 7 euro bottle of gran reserva Bierzo wine (Mencia grapes predominate in this region). One of the fellow pilgrims knows her wines quite well and was definitely impressed. Moving on, a bit slowly by now, we reached our destination and found a room at Hostal La Gallega. We stopped at a nearby restaurant (Meson Apostol) last year for a very memorable lunch and it doesn't open for dinner until 8pm so hope it is worth the wait.

We have now walked one month and covered 600km and are still feeling pretty good!

Templar castle in Ponferrada.

Enjoying a bottle of Gran Riserva Bierzo wine (Mencia grapes) with our friends.

The wine co-op "bottles" its own box wines. Fifteen liter boxes (below) cost less than $20. What a deal!!!

Enjoying the vineyard lined path.

Streets of Cacabelos - our destination today.

Meson Apostol restaurant where we had dinner.

Cindy's salad - nice greens, crispy bacon and roasted goat cheese.

Location:Cacabelos, Spain

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