Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 26 (10/18) - Leon to Villar de Mazarife (21.5km)

Left Leon around 8am and it was pretty quiet and a fairly nice walk out of town. Of course, we walked through suburbs and some industrial area so it was nice when, after 10km we reached the countryside. Stopped for a picnic lunch on the outskirts of a small village and continued on through farm lands. We pleasantly surprised to arrive in another small village, Chozas de Abajo, and find a "Festival of the Potato" going on (it is Saturday). So, we enjoyed the festival and had some snacks, beer and wine. Continued on and arrived at Villar de Mazarife a bit before 3pm and are staying at Albergue San Antonio de Padua - where we stayed last year. Wandered around the village and had a drink at another albergue and enjoying the sunny afternoon. Hopefully we will have good weather for at least another week. The albergue meal was every bit as nice as we remembered last year and we enjoyed visits with the other pilgrims.

We have now walked more than 500km (310 miles)!

Finally leaving Leon behind!

We saw this man in a field with a basket and knew he was looking for mushrooms. These are "Setas de Caldo" and we've had them grilled with garlic and olive oil.

It was Saturday afternoon and we entered a small village that was having a festival of potatoes. It looks like they are getting ready for a big banquet.

There were booths with snacks and various things.

Grilled chorizo on a bun with cup of wine for $4!

A band provided some interesting music.

Our albergue in Villar de Mazarife -- pretty unique in that the meals are vegetarian.

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