Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 16 (10/8) - Navarette to Najera (16.9km):

Had instant coffee and pastries in the pension's little kitchen and headed out at 8:30am - we treated ourselves to a late start since this will be a short day. Stopped at Ventosa for second breakfast and then continued on to Najera, arriving 1:30pm. We got a double room (shared bath) at Albergue Puerte de Najera - fairly nicely renovated old building near the river and our room has a private balcony with a small table and chairs. Definitely pretty classy for an albergue! Lunch was pasta, risotto and sangria, sitting outside near the river. We showered, etc. and toured the old monastery and scouted dinner places. We ran into a couple from Poulsbo (Bill & Cindy Abbey) who are doing the cmino on bicycles. We have seen them at several other places beginning at Estella and had dinner with them.

A winery invited passersby to take photos.

In some vineyards the vines are free-standing but in most they are in trellises.

Vines really loaded with grapes! Wonder how many tons per acre?

Our Albergue.

Alterpiece in the old monastery's chapel.

Interesting 600 year old madonna and child.

Location:Najera, Spain

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