Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 6 (9/28) - Jaca to Arres (26.2km)

Had coffee and pastries in the albergue's kitchen and hit the trail about 8:30am. Getting out of town took a bit longer that the way in and we walked through more suburbs but still not bad. The path was nice and usually a wide gravel track but was often close to the road. Other times we were on a trail along the hillside or the river Aragon. We snacked along the trail and then stopped after 12km at Hotel Aragon for lunch (coffee plus we shared a omelette sandwich). Santa Cilia village was after 16km and we had another snack in the town square and continued another 10km to Arrez. The last 4km was a trail up a hillside through scrub oaks, etc. and with a nice view of the river valley. The albergue is a "donativo" and run by volunteers and you "pay what you can". Arres is a small hillside village that had been in ruins unti about 20 years ago and now is being restored. Not too much here but we did find a nice bar for our usual "clara con limon" - beer plus lemonade and is quite refreshing. Dinner was communal, with the other 6 pilgrims and the 2 hospitalleros. It was a nice beef stew plus stuffed eggs, bread, wine and a fruit salad for desert. At 8pm they unlocked the old church and we had a brief service.

Typical trail for much of the morning

We will see many depictions of Saint James (aka Santiago) as a pilgrim along the camino route.

Pilgrims are fond of stacking stones into piles - go figure.

Finally arriving at Arres - a very welcome sight!

Perhaps a third of the houses have been renovated and are now occupied.

Hospitalleros (volunteers who act as hosts) awaiting pilgrims' arrivals

Communal dinner. 8 pilgrims including us - 2 from Argentina (currently living in Madrid), 2 Spanish guys, a couple from Budapest and one of the hospitalleros.

Location:Arres, Spain

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