Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 5 (9/27) - Villanua to Jaca (14.5km)

Another short day but very nice hiking weather again and nice pathways. The trail was along or nearby the Aragon river and we arrived shortly after noon. Jaca is a fairly large town but at least was easy to enter on foot. It has a long history and interesting old town and cathedral. The main (only?) pilgrim albergue did not open until 3pm so we loitered around and hit a couple of tapas bars. Had wild mushrooms (boletus) sauteed in olive oil with garlic and herbs and boletus risotto at one place alone with a nice red wine. Wandered around the old town and checked in to the albergue when it opened. As of 5pm we were the only pilgrims and by evening there were only 8 pilgrims. We went out for dinner and there were lots of people walking the old town's streets. We hit two tapas bars. They follow the pleasant tradition of giving you a small tapas when you buy a drink -- we had two drinks at each spot plus shared one raccionne so that was a nice light dinner.

Early morning walking through farmlands

Typical "trail" for the day. Beautiful weather - a bit chilly but great for walking!

Wild mushrooms (king boletus) sauteed in olive oil. Yummy with bread and nice red wine.

Basket in the restaurant.

Tapas - "matrimonial" top left (two kinds of sardines) and the other two are sauteed wild mushrooms. We so missed this type of food!

Location:Jaca, Spain

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