Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 2 - Sarrance to Etsaut (22.5km)

We met 3 english speaking pilgrims last night and, unlike us, they also spoke French. One made a reservation for us at the same place they will stay so we have a bit more confidence in things working properly today!

We left town with the other pilgrims and got onto the correct patherway. Following it along the river and often on a steep hillside/cliff was scenic but there ware lots of "ups and downs". We passed through several villages, sometime leaving the riverside to walk through pastures and through tree or hedge lined paths. Weather was cool and pleasant. We arrived Etsaut and found our gite without problem - "Gite d'Etape" is a pilgrim's hostel. It is privately run so different that yesterday. Our group from yesterday are all staying here at Gite d'Etape la Garbure along with a few others. It seems like a nice place and we will stay "demi pensionne" (meaning with dinner and breakfast) so will be eating communally. They have a stable and donkeys so were were "entertained" by hee-haws.

We are following a river valley towards the pass across the pyrenees.

typical trail.

beautiful fields and scenery

Beginning to see significant peaks along the route


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