Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 13 (10/1) - Granon to Belorado (19km)

It looked like our albergue host did not get up to fix us breakfast so we decided to hit the trail. The route out of town seemed obvious and there was one signpost, and it was still a bit dark. Anyway, the direct and obvious route was WRONG. We were 2.5km out of town and entered a village that did not seem correct. Cindy talked to an old man and we were indeed on the wrong road. He gave some directions that Cindy understood and Google Maps confirmed. We were up the wrong valley so continued a bit and then crossed the ridge on a dirt road (pix below) and reached a town on the camino -- and it even had a bar with breakfast!

Then it was windy and a bit rainy most of the way to Belorado. It was a fairly short day of 19km but still found myself dragging at the end. We found a nice albergue (Cuatro Cantones) and are in a room with "only" 3 bunk beds and its own bath. After cleaning up we went to a bar on the town square for tapas and wine and ran into Paul and Ellen again so had a nice visit. Also saw Cam, Susan and Bennie again. Now, back in albergue in the common room drinking wine and catching up on our blogs. The pilgrim dinner was one of the best we've had at albergues - Albergue Cuatro Cantones (4 Cantones -- family members).

Location:Belorado, Spain

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