Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 29 (10/17) - Villar de Mazarife to Hospital de Orbigo (15km)

A short day of only 9.3 miles since we want to stay at Astorga tomorrow and that would have been too far for us today. We arrived around noon after walking through mist and fog. We found a spot for lunch and a bottle of wine then back to albergue San Miguel for a nap. This private albergue has set up easels for pilgrims and the walls are covered with their art. At the beginning of town there is a nice arched medieval era bridge. "Hospital" is an old word for a pilgrim refuge (i.e. reloated to hospitality rather than a medical facility).

The big news is that we have now walked more than 500km (315miles) of our 790km (490mile) pilgrimage! So, "only" 175 miles to go.

Pilgrims like to place stones in piles or sometimes to point out the way.

The medieval era bridge into Hospital de Orbigo, today's destination.

Below I will give you a tour of tonight's alberbue - Albergue San Miguel

As we walked up, we were greeted by the hospitaler (i.e. the owner and host).

Artwork done by pilgrims

Adjacent to staircase and in view of bunkbeds - sinks, 3 "WC's" and then 3 showers with all open at the top and, of course, shared by all. Things are not usually this out in the open but shared bathrooms are very common.

Pretty nice bunkbed filled room. Ours is towards the back.

Some albergues have kitchen space where one can cook dinner.

We also have courtyard and space for eating outside.

All of this for 7 euros each - and some places are less. Breakfast here is 3 euros.

Location:Hospital de Orbigo,Spain

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  1. Holy moly... I can't believe how GREEN the jousting field is by the bridge into Hospital de Orbigo! I think it must be a significantly wetter year!
    Looks like the albergue was well marked!