Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 33 (10/21) - Riego de Ambros to Ponferrada (12.4km)

Woke up to the sound of rain on the roof so lazed around in bed, but just a bit since the aubergue closes at 8:30am, as is typically the case. We left in full rain gear but the rain had stopped by then and we only had a bit of drizzle for a few minutes here and there. The trail out of town descended quite steeply down solid stone in many places. It was quite slow and we took our time getting to Molinaseca where we had omelets for breakfast. Then we made our way to Ponferrada and found a nice hostal in the middle of the old town -- Hostal Virgen del la Encina. It was a short day hiking but we felt like we deserved a bit of a break after crossing the hills. Our hostal is located adjacent to a large 13th century Templar castle.

Typical terrain during the first several miles - still descending towards the valley floor.

Stretches of trail were solid stone and often a bit steep.

A view of Molinaseca.

Templar castle from 13th century and not far from our Hostal.

View of our lodging - Hostal Virgen del las Encina in Ponferrada.

Dinner was pizza, very good salad and nice bottle of wine. Life is good.

Location:Ponferrada, Spain

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