Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 15 (10/3) - Villafranca Montes de Oca to Cardenuela (24.7km)

We started a bit later as we were warned that there was a steep, rocky, uneven path but that was only for a few hundred yards and then we were on a gravel road for most of the day - although quite steep for the first few miles. The guide book had shown a very difficult profile but it was actually quite pleasant.

We got to San Juan de Ortega in pretty good time and had lunch at a bar there and continued onwards and deciding how far to go for the day.

Ages seemed quite nice as well as Atapuerca where we stopped for a cerveza con limon but we met two canadian women and they mentioned an albergue another 6km onwards so we called, made a reservation and stopped in Cardenuela at a nice private albergue where we got a double room with private bath plus dinner and breakfast for 41 euros! It had washer and drier at reasonable pricing so we did laundry in style, rather than hand washing a few things as usual. Dinner was great as well.

Location:Cardenuela Riopico, Spain

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  1. What a fantastic photo of sky and clouds and gently rolling landscape!