Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 31 (10/19) - Astorga to Rabanal del Camino (20.0km)

The sleeping dorm was full last night (9 bunks with 18 people) and the guy above me was a major snorer. It was loud enough that we heard others opening their bags to find earplugs and Cindy got up in the night and shook me because she thought it was me - but quickly figured out it was not. A rainstorm had passed through in the early morning and it was clear and brisk with stars and a full moon setting in the west. The terrain has changed tremendously during the past two days. Yesterday the fields were full of rounded rocks and today the rocks are fragments and slabs. There are stone walls and houses made of the local stone. We stopped after 10km for coffee and tortilla and then at 15km for lunch. The bar was by far the worst place we have encountered so far -- poor food, unclean, etc. and this was a surprise since everywhere else we have been so pleased. Ah, well. We carried on, climbing slowly and arrived at our destination around 2pm and found a nice casa rural (A Cruz de Ferro) with a private room and bath. We splurged and had a load of wash done. Now, we are sitting in a small restaurant and enjoying a liter of sangria and two plates of pasta. The warm pasta really hit the spot after a day on the trail! At 7pm we went to a vesper service at a real old, small church associated with a monastery and the monks (only 2 of them) led chants. The church was full and it was very interesting. They also run an albergue and that would have been interesting. Then a nice dinner at a hotel in town.

Full moon setting in the west as we left Astorga.

Different vegetation than we have been seeing -- and it will change even more tomorrow.

A small village along the way.

Street in our destination, Rabanal del Camino, with our lodging in the foreground.

Neat stonework.

Location:Rabanal del Camino, Spain

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