Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 35 (10/23) - Pieros to Trabadelo (19.8km)

Everybody slept late (and listened to a bit of early morning rain on the skylights) and got up after 8am. The hospitalero had a nice breakfast waiting and we left around 9am with pleasant weather. It took longer than expected to get to Villafranca del Bierzo but it was a very nice walk through vineyards and a small village. We had an early and very nice lunch in Villafranca and then took the "scenic" route out of town rather than the flat route up the narrow valley and along the road. The route was indeed very scenic but also involved a 400 meter (1300') and very steep climb. We then walked along a ridge and through a marvelous chestnut forest. We could hear the nuts plopping onto the ground and there lots of family groups gathering large bags of them. Then, we had a very steep descent to the valley floor and checked in to the municipal albergue in Trabadelo. We are in a room with two bunks and 4 people total so not too bad. Then dinner at a pension/Gastropub that was singlehandedly run by a Dutch woman. She was bartender, chef and waitress. It was a great dinner.

Last night's albergue in Pieros.

It was nice to walk through vineyards again.

Beer delivered to a bar by tanker truck!

Not yet weary pilgrims.

The ground under the trees was covered with chestnuts and people gathering them.

Our albergue above and the "Gastropub" where we had dinner below.

Location:Trabadelo, Spain

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