Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 30 (10/18) - Hospital de Orbigal to Astorga (17.7km)

Started out again in mist and fog but pleasant temperatures. We were pleased to meet up again with our friend Orla. The stage to Astorga was quite pleasant and we arrived around 1PM and stopped for tapas, lunch and to visit a chocolate museum before checking in to the private Albergue San Javier near the cathedral -- another night in bunk beds. Astorga is one of the earliest chocolate making areas in Europe with Cortez bringing cacao here from the new world. After settling in to the albergue we walked around a bit and toured an Antonio Gaudi building - the bishop's palace of Astorga.

Today we have completed two-thirds of the camino! 326 miles walked and "only" 164 miles remaining! We should finish in 15 days or so. We have left the plains and tomorrow we head towards the mountains.

Tapas at lunch. On the right is salmon and on the left is octopus, cooked in a different way that we have seen so far and wonderful! Both were on a nice brown bread rather than the usual.

Tonight's albergue - we are in bunk beds again.

Antonio Gaudi designed the bishop's palace in Astorga

Location:Astorga, Spain

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