Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 37 (10/25) - O'Cebreiro to Triacastela (20.9km)

It had stopped raining by morning (hurray!) and we had a nice breakfast and headed out of town around 9am. The view from the trail was amazing and we had ups and downs as we followed the mountain ridge. Stopped for 2nd breakfast at Hospital de las Condesa and continued. There was more ascent than we had expected but not too bad. Stopped for lunch at Casa Lucas in Biduedo -- each had tomato, cheese and tuna salad and split a big bowl of Caldo Gallego soup. Decided that the greens in the soup were collard greens (Berza) that we had been seeing in gardens along the way. The trail continued its up and down and finally descended from the top down to Triacastela. After yesterday's downpour we enjoyed a nice day with only a few brief showers. We were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't (quite) as steep as we were expecting so made pretty good time with not so much wear and tear on the knees and feet. We are seeing more cattle near the trail than before. Checked in to an albergue (A Horte de Abel) but got a private room (Habiticion) with bath so enjoying the luxury. Walked around town, had a sidra (cider) and roasted green peppers and then back to a restaurant not far from the albergue for dinner.

We passed through several small villages with their small churches

Typical view for today

Round stack of firewood with thatch "roof".

View back along the trail - the cluster of houses in background was along the trail.

Typical trails for today - above and below. Yesterday's trails were steeper and full of running water from the rains.

Location:Triacastela, Spain

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