Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 40 (10/28) - Portomarin to Palas de Rei (25.4km)

Day 40 (10/28) - Portomarin to Palas de Rei (25.4km): Another time when we heard rain in the night and were worried about the day's weather. Breakfast in the bar downstairs and left if our full rain gear but the rain had stopped. There were a few brief sprinkles and one pretty good shower later in the day. We stopped after 8km for second breakfast and continued another 7 km for a lunch stop. The caldo Gallego was a bit different - more potatoes, less beans and some cabbage. I suppose it will differ from place to place and we definitely want to try making it at home. The path was pretty and we ascended steadily but not steeply for 14km and then descended a bit to Palas de Rei. We found a pension (Pension Vilarino) and checked in, getting a double "matrimonial" room (i.e. double room with one bed). Cindy has been wanting "pimientos del padrone" again but the bar was out of them so we are simply having Rioja crianza and a bit of cheese. Beginning at Sarria is the minimum distance a pilgrim can walk and get their certificate of completion so it's interesting to visit with the "newbies" and get a bit of their excitement -- those of us who have been on the trail for more than a month are a bit jaded. We had a nice dinner. I had wonderful pork shank.

Departure this morning in front of a stature of Saint James (Santiago) dressed as a pilgrim and indicating the "Way" out of town.

Typical pathway today.

We have seen a lot of this lush green vegetable in the gardens. The Galicians call it "berza" and it is collard greens! They put it into their Caldo Gallego soup.

A pilgrim with a donkey. Definitely not an everyday sight!

I had wonderful pork shank for my main course.

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