Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 21 (10/9) - Boadilla to Carrion de Los Condes (26.1km)

The breakfast in the albergue was a bit nicer than average and we set out in the almost-darkness. Another chilly morning so I put on another layer but still excellent walking conditions. The walk was quite pleasant and most of the day along either a canal or river. We stopped at a bar for a snack and coffee and then another for a light lunch. Stopped again after 20km for cerveza con limon, beer and lemonade is surprisingly refreshing in warm weather and something we never drink in USA, and to decide if we wanted to push on to Carrion de Los Condes. Decided to go forward, mainly because we wanted to stay at the Santa Maria albergue that is supported by the American Pilgrims. At 5:30 they got us together for a singalong with the nuns (only 4 of them and they are from elsewhere), hospitalellos and fellow pilgrims. It was neat to hear the pilgrims describe their various motivations for walking the camino. We went to a very sparsely attended vespers service in the adjacent church and then to a pilgrims menu nearby. The nuns offer a free dinner after the pilgrims' mass that's at 8:30pm but we really want to get to bed by our usual 9pm so are sorry to miss that.

Location:Carrion de Los Condes, Spain

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  1. I'm SOOO... glad you got to stay at the albergue we are supporting. Looking forward to hearing more!