Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 32 (10/20) - Rabanal del Camino to Riego de Ambros (21.1km)

Breakfast in hostal and headed off at 8:15am - sunrise just beginning in the east and we got some great views of the morning sky. The pathway headed steadily uphill but not too steep. We stopped at Foncebadon for coffee and this historic little place had a nice atmosphere but not as nice as Rabanal. After about 7km uphill we arrived at La Cruz de Ferro, at 1505m (4937') the highest point on the Camino Frances, where there is an iron cross on top of a tall pole and pilgrims leave stones from home or some other significant place. We both forgot our Olympia stones at home so left stones we picked up on the meseta. After a bit of rolling terrain we passed Monjardin (not much at Monjardin) and then we eventually came to the other side of the pass and overlooking Ponferrada, almost 1000 meter below us in distance and on the valley floor. The downhill was much steeper and longer than the uphill! We passed through one real nice village, Acebo, with lots of interesting places to stay and eat but decided to continue for another 4km to Riegos de Ambros and there was only one place to stay, municipal Albergue de Peregrinos, but that seemed nice enough. We still have significant downhill remaining for tomorrow morning. Once we got cleaned up and wandered around, we realized this village, although quite scenic with local stone buildings, is quite sleepy with only one dinner option and that opens at 7pm. Ah, well - catching up on things and relaxing.

Looking back at starting point with church on skyline at sunrise.

Looking westward up our path as clouds are illuminate pink by sunrise behind us.

Path was steep but not too steep. Below are more of the same kind of wild mushrooms that the lady found yesterday.

Pilgrims leaving stones on the pile at La Cruz de Ferro at the highest point on the Camino Frances (St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago).

We were standing by the trail to let other pass us and someone thought we looked nice standing under this tree and wanted to take our picture.

Nice stonework and homes in our stopping point - Riego de Ambros.

Albergue de Perrigrino (pilgrims) in Riego de Ambros

Location:Riego de Ambros, Spain

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  1. Can you believe you've been walking for OVER a month? And you look GREAT! The orange and blue against the red does make a striking photo!