Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 25 (10/13) - Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos to Mansilla de Las Mulas (24.4km)

Breakfast at Hostal and bought bocadillos from them since today's hike will be without places to purchase food. Headed out around 8:30am into the morning mist and fog and it was not as chilly as yesterday. Today's segment was 24.5km without any civilization and continued along the route of the Roman road, ViaTrajana, that went from Astorga, Spain to Bordeaux, France. It was pleasant walking weather but the day seemed very long and tiresome. We walked most of the day with a nice Irish girl, Orla, so that made the time pass more quickly but we were quite tired at the end. Finally arrived at our destination and checked in to the municipal albergue. Then, a couple of nice glasses of wine and tapas nearby before showering and getting settled in. Nice pilgrim menu 3 course dinner with wine for 8.5 euros each and now settling in to our 5 euro bunkbeds.

Walking along what seems to be original surface of Via Trajana (Roman road from Astorga, Spain to Bordeaux, France). Irish friend (Orla) below.

Today's destination! Archway into old town section above and municpal albergue below. Bunkbeds tonight after three nights of "luxury".

Location:Mansilla de Las Mulas, Spain

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