Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 38 (10/26) - Triacastela to Sarria (17.9km)

We heard rain in the night but it had stopped by morning. Left the room at 8am and stopped for a nice breakfast at a bar down the street. We had two options on the route today and chose the recommended and shorter and with less elevation gain, following the path through San Xil. Stopped for second breakfast after 10km at Furela and then plodded on to Sarria. It was a fairly short day and the weather was excellent. Sarria is the starting point for the pilgrims who want to get their certificate of completion and walk the minimum distance necessary (around 115km). This time of year, it is much quieter than earlier since not so many are starting. We got a nice map and good information from a tourist information office on the edge of town, stopped for a light lunch along the river, and found a room at Pension Escalinta. The rooms are above a bar and the owner was so pleased to see us that, while we were signing in, he poured us a large glass of wine and gave us a plate with slices of cheese. The room was nice and the shower felt great. Even though this was a short day of about 11 miles we felt tired. There should be only 5 more walking days to Santiago and Cindy decided it would be nice to arrive on October 31st, her dad's birthday.

Looking back at Triacastela shortly after we left town and before sunrise.

The pathway was steep in places but nothing like the past few days!

Our Irish acquaintances say Galicia looks a lot like Ireland.

Tonight's lodgings are above a small bar and the owner gave us wine and cheese while we were registering.

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