Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 16 (10/4) - Cardenuela to Burgos (15.5km)

We left our albergue in Cardenuela and walked with Jane & Shelley from Victoria, BC area. It rained on us but not too heavily. Taking the best route into Burgos can be confusing and we missed our first intersection but only went 400M past. There are several signposted routes and most of them follow highways but we wanted to follow the river route from Castanares and finding where that branched off the main route was not well marked. The path along the rio Arlanzon was quite nice and as we entered the city it we followed it until just across from the big cathedral. We ran into Cam and Susan (fellow pilgrims we've seen in several cities) in the square near the cathedral and they helped us get oriented. We learned that there is an El Cid festival in town this weekend (today is Friday). We want to spend two nights here, taking a rest day, but can only stay one night in the pilgrims' albergue (as per common restrictions) so we booked a room in a nearby hostal for tomorrow night. After getting settled in to the large municipal albergue (5 euro each!) near the cathedral, we went tapas bar hopping for a late lunch. Dinner was in city square area. They shut the front doors to the pilgrims' albergue at 10pm so we cannot stay out late.

Pathway along the river leading into Burgos

Old city gate leading into the cathedral area

In front of the Cathedral de Burgos

Nice tapa bar - wine or tapas around $2 each.

Lady selling olives at street fair.

Location:Burgos, Spain

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