Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 18 (10/6) - Burgos to Hornillos del Camino (22.4km)

Left Hotel Jacobeo and stopped at the bar across from the municipal albergue for a quick breakfast and then headed out of town. The way out of Burgos is much easier to follow than when arriving and we enjoyed the walk through quiet neighborhoods. Finally reached the countryside and we are now walking through the famous (or infamous) meseta that we will be walking across for the next week or so. Stopped for second breakfast and spilt a bocadillo tortilla queso (cheese omelette in a baguette - yummy) and continued onwards. The route climbed up to the meseta and it reminded us of eastern Washington around the palouse and near Cindy's home. Arrived in Hornillos del Camino around 1:30 and were lucky to get beds in a private albergue there. Just bunks and we both are in top beds but still a nice little place.

Rabe de las Calzadas, 13km west of Burgos

Typical pathway today in the meseta

View as we descend into today's destination. Looks much like wheat farming country in eastern Washington state where Cindy grew up.

We were fortunate to find bunks in this small private albergue,
El Alfar de Hornillos. Dinner included paella.

Location:Hornillos del Camino, Spain

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