Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 12 (9/30) - Azofra to Granon (23.6km)

We had breakfast at nearby bar and hit the trail around 7:30am. Beautiful pre-sunrise view looking across the vineyards back towards Azofra.

Late morning, we passed through Ciruena, first was a golf course and then lots of new but seemingly unoccupied apartments, townhouses, etc. -- all pretty fancy looking but more-or-less of a ghost town. Finally, we entered the older part of the town and were able to find a bar where we could have "2nd breakfast" of tortilla and coffee.

Shepherd and 3 dogs herding flock of sheep.

Walked another 6km and entered Santa Domingo de Calzada, a rather nice town of 5,000 population with cathedral and old-town area. There is a confusing legend about a rooster and hen and a child coming back to life -- anyway, the cathedral has a live rooster and hen in a glass enclosure. It is also the burial place of Santa Domingo de la Calzada, who spent much of his life building pilgrim highways, "calzadas". Although this would definitely have been a nice place to stay, we wanted to walk a bit further so headed onwards. It was VERY windy and the next 7km were pretty tough walking and we arrived at Granon feeling pretty wind-burnt and sun-burnt.

The parish albergue in Granon has everyone sleeping on the floor and we noticed another albergue nearby. It had bright colors, murals, stuffed animals out front and inside was similarly funky. There was a room with a single bunk bed and that seemed nice. The owner told us that we did not register our names or receive a sellos (pilgrim's stamp), dinner at 8pm and breakfast at 7am and that payment was by "donation" and whatever we wanted to pay. All in all a bit unusual but we're giving it a try.

At nearby bar, a glass of inexpensive but very nice red wine cost 1 euro!

Street view of Granon.

View westward from edge of town: Left foreground is field of drying sunflowers and background are harvested grain-fields. Gravel path/road is our route for tomorrow.

Location:Granon, Spain

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