Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 11 (9/29) - Navarette to Azofra (23.5km)

We started a bit earlier than yesterday. It was a bit confusing getting out of town and I was worried we might be turned around - even though we were following three Spanish ladies. It was before sunrise, there were much fewer pilgrims than usual, just us and them plus the trail markings were sparse and different than before, so it was uncertain for a while but we were correct. We had a Cliff bar on the trail and were worried that the usual bars would be closed because today was Sunday. However, we did find an open place in Ventosa so had coffee and tortilla.

It seemed like we spent half the time walking through vineyards.

We passed through Najera around lunchtime and thought we found a "festival" near the river. Turns out it was an exhibit of farm machinery; tractors, accessories, chainsaws, ... but did have some food booths. We had grilled pork on bread slices, sautéed wild mushrooms, wine and then some pastries. I bought some cheese and chorizo from a farmer for later.

The weather was pleasant and cooler with one brief rain shower before Najera. Azofra is a pleasant little town and we stayed at the municipal albergue -- there are two beds per cubicle with men and women sharing the same toilet-shower rooms. I was looking for a bottle of wine to have with our cheese and sausage and in the store the manager told me he had some of his own wine. It was 2 euros and in an unlabeled bottle that he wanted returned to the store. Not too bad but definitely an interesting story. After sharing the wine and a rest, we had a pilgrims dinner.

According to the mileage post above, we have 578km to go before reaching Santiago. We've travelled 210km of the Camino with a fair bit more spent sightseeing along the way. We are 25% done with our pilgrimage in 11 days walking and that's pretty humbling.

Location:Azofra, Spain

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