Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 6 (9/24) - Uterga to Lorca (24.5km)

Got up at 6:30 but still was slow to hit the trail, starting just before 8am. Took the scenic route detour at Murazabal to Eunate to see the church there. It's an octagonal shaped 12th century church situated at the historic convergence between Camino Frances and Camino Aragones and attributed (by some) to the Knights Templar. The church didn't open until 10:30 so we couldn't go inside but was still neat to see and in a tranquil setting. Then merged back into the current camino path at Obanos. Stopped in Puente la Reina for groceries and a quick glass of "tinto" at a wine merchant. This was a neat town and too bad we couldn't have spent a night there as seemed to have lots of tapas bars. Town has several old churches and a Roman era bridge that was quite scenic. Path was along the river for awhile and then crossed a ridge with a brief but steep climb up and descent. Passed thru two small villages, Maneru and Cirauqui, and followed a 2000 year old Roman road for awhile with some sections being in quite nice condition, then arrived at Lorca. The last 13km was pretty warm and a bit long. The 24.5km (15 miles) total was longest day we have had so far. Found a private room with shared bath in private alberge, La Bodega del Camino. Had a quick beer, then a shower and did laundry and then had the pilgrim menu in our alberge.

Location:Lorca, Spain

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